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Group Matwork Classes

I run my group matwork classes in blocks, which are in line with the school term times - usually 6 to 7 weeks in duration.  Each block is booked and paid for in advance, the classes are charged at £8 per class;  so for example a block of 7 classes would work out at £56 for the whole block and a block of 6 classes would work out at £48 for the whole block .

Ocassionally, I can offer a 'pay as you option' at £10 per class.  However, you would need to check availability and book in advance, it would not be on a 'drop-in' basis.  This option would only be available if there was a space in the class.  To guarantee your space it would be advisable to block book.

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Private one to one  sessions

I run private one to one sessions from my studio in Preston, Weymouth. These sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and can be either matwork or using the Pilates studio equipment such as the Reformer, the Tower,  the Ladder Barrel or the Pilates Chair - whatever suits your needs to help you achieve your goals.  These sessions are usually an hour in duration and cost £45 per session.

I also offer you the opportunity to purchase a block of 6 private sessions for the price of 5 - so at the current price of £45 per session a block of 6 would only be £250. The blocks have a 6 month lifespan from date of purchase. 

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Strength Flexibility Control

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