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Summer Holidays

I'm always amazed at just how quickly the summer holidays seem to come around. They say time flies by as you age but how can that be? Surely there are still only 24 hours in one day and 365/6 days in the year and yet I can recall, as a young child, the longest wait ever for school to finish and for summer break to begin; they were the best 6 weeks of the year!

I can't recall who told me this 'fact', and therefore cannot reference any specific study, but there is theory about this apparent time-lapse thingy and it's all to do with being in the present moment (mindfulness). I guess, if this theory is correct, then I must have been a very mindful child ;-).

Hopefully you will have some kind of holiday break lined up during the hazy days of summer. I'm not planning any field trips but hope to enjoy some quality time with friends and family, got a wedding to go to. Whatever your plans are have fun and, as my old mum used to say, "enjoy yourself, its later than you think".

See you all in September

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