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New Term

Blimey, I just realised I haven't written a blog on my site for quite some time. This isn't because I have nothing to write about, on the contrary, it's because I've been rather distracted by events.

First piece of news I have to share is my Level 4 Low Back Pain - Back4Good - qualification which I completed in November last year. I did this through Body Control Pilates in London, this qualification has given me the key skills to be able to teach Pilates to those people who have had/or who are currently suffering from Low Back Pain (LBP), which statistics show is more than 80% of the adult population! That’s quite a lot of us isn't it? So, in response to this 'need' I started a class specifically to focus on LBP Pilates at the Old Town Hall, Weymouth. From the onset this class has proved very popular and (at the time of writing) I only have one space left in this particular class. I run this class on Tuesday mornings at 10am.

I also run a class on a Monday and Tuesday evening, both 6:30pm, both at the Old Town Hall, Weymouth. And, although these classes are not just geared towards LBP, I adapt the exercises accordingly to accommodate anybody in class who may suffer from the condition. A new term is about to start for ALL the classes at the Old Town Hall after the Easter holidays; Monday 16th April and Tuesday 17th April. There are just a few spaces left, just get in touch if you are interested in joining a class. Sharon 07704 578535 or email

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