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Just in case you have been humming and arrrrhing about giving Body Control Pilates a try out; I wanted to give you a quick 'heads-up' that I only have 4 spaces remaining in my 6:30pm Tuesday evening class at The Preston Village Hall, Preston Rd, Weymouth.

And once those spaces are filled you will only be able to join the dreaded 'wait-list' never really knowing when you will be able to enjoy the many benefits of Pilates. Watching from the waiting-line as your friends/family improve their posture, balance, flexibility, stability, core strength, and build a whole new sense of well being!

I only have small numbers in my group matwork class, this ensures that you receive individual supervision and support to ensure that you do the exercises correctly and safely. I also specialise in helping with low back pain and osteoporosis.

So please get in touch if you would like more details about my Body Control Pilates group matwork classes. I also run private one to one sessions from my studio in Preston.

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