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.....ding dong the witch is back!

It's a little bit early but I would like to wish you all a very happy Halloween - is that correct? Do we wish each other happy Halloween?? I've grown up believing it to be the night of witches, ghouls and ghosts; where the living dead rise up and wreak havoc, but that's enough about my home town (only joking St. Albans).

To be honest I'm not usually one to celebrate Halloween but this year Halloween night is kind of special to me as I will be starting my brand new Pilates group matwork class at the Preston Village Hall, Weymouth. I'm super excited to say that all of the mats are filled, however, I am running a waitlist so if you missed out this time, get your name down for when a mat becomes available.

I also wanted to welcome the extra hour in bed we will have when the clocks go back an hour tonight (Saturday 28/10/17). I will miss the wonderful longer daylight hours of summer but the cosy nights of winter and hot toddies more than make up for that. So, don’t forget to adjust your clock this evening - they go back an hour not forward!

My Tuesday evening Pilates class at 3D Health & Fitness, Wey Valley has now moved to Wednesday evenings. So as of the 1st November Pilates will be on Wednesday at 7:15pm in the studio at 3D Health & Fitness. The Saturday morning class remains the same at 10:45am.

Drop me a line if you have any questions about classes etc. See you all soon

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