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What is your favourite Pilates exercise?

Quite often I'm asked "So Sharon, what is your favourite Pilates exercise, and why?" Now, if I'm honest, this is a really difficult question for me to answer. So I'll 'hmmm....' and I'll 'arrrrh...' I will look thoughtfully up to the left as I rack my brain and then I will put forward an answer, which you will find changes depending upon when you asked me the question.

Now, this has nothing to do with the weather, the phases of the moon, or because I'm a particularly indecisive person (quite the opposite in fact), it's simply because I really really love ALL of the Pilates exercises and I find it hard to choose just one that is my favourite.

During my classes I observe my clients working through the Pilates repertoire. Some will be doing beginner or an adapted version of the exercise; some will be doing the intermediate/advanced versions. But collectively ALL of them will be working toward challenging themselves to achieve their particular goals step by step. I love watching someone grow with their Pilates practice, seeing them achieve 'stuff' they thought unobtainable. That’s the beauty of Pilates; it is available and achievable in some form or another for everyone.

Right, back to the original question; today my favourite Pilates exercise would be the 100, because it is a fantastic exercise to bring your awareness to the breath, whilst adding in an abdominal challenge - also everyone moans and groans when I add it into the class ;-).

I'm now going to put the same question to you "What is your favourite Pilates exercise and why?" I invite you to comment below

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